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Indoor Network Testing

Different buildings can have different network qualities based on their proximity to the distribution antennas and structure. Even within a building, the signal quality can vary quite drastically from floor to floor and in one part of the building compared to others. We plan to conduct a thorough drive test of the building, floor by floor, and provide a comprehensive assessment report

City Network Testing

We provide the best service for drive testing – including RF Wifi. Quickly respond to results with our real-time reporting services.

Suburban and Rural Network Testing

We have the equipment, training, and setup required to test networks in even the most rural areas.

Cellular Tower Survey

Whether you need to survey a newly-activated site or require troubleshooting, we will drive and walk to collect the data that’s most important to you.

Drone Survey Service

We offer a safe, quick, and cost-effective way to measure and capture aerial data.


At DataWaves, we are committed to combining innovation with customer service. As part of that commitment, we have distinguished ourselves from the competition with our innovation in reporting. Not only do we provide comprehensive, detail-driven results that lead to smarter decision-making, but we deliver promptly so you can act quickly. Unlike current trends, where reports from drive tests can take days (sometimes weeks) to prepare and reach telecom clients, we are bringing down the reporting time to mere hours. Contact us today to experience the difference innovation can make!